SAI Tree Planing Service

Plant the Seeds of Love!

"Trees play a vital role in helping mankind to receive oxygen from the atmosphere while they absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings. Hence, the ancients favored the growing of trees to control atmospheric pollution. But, nowadays, trees are cut down indiscriminately and pollution is on the increase." - Sathya Sai Baba

(SSS 26.4: 6 February 1993,

"The Lord declares that He is the Seed of all Beings. Watch a tree! The roots, the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the shoots, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits all look different in form, taste, hardness, and smell. They have different uses for the tree and for us. But all this manifold variety is produced, sustained, subsumed, and served by One Single SEED. And, each fruit contains the same SEED! He is the Seed, He is the Tree, He is the Fruit. Love is the Seed, Love is the Tree, Love is the Fruit." - Sathya Sai Baba

(SSS 10.24: 5 October 1970,

Sai Ram Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Service Coordinators of all Regions of the USA are planning to offer a "Tree Planting Service" project this year at the Lotus Feet of our Dear Swami. Our Goal is to plant at least 95 trees this year in each of our Regions to commemorate our beloved Swami’s 95th Birthday. Each individual, family, or center are encouraged to identify suitable places for planting such as their own yard, indoor space, schools, places of worship or public parks to plant these Trees/Plants.

It is recommended that a prayer be chanted at the time of the planting and at regular intervals afterwards. Examples could be the Gayatri Mantra, Sai Gayatri, Multi-Faith Prayers or any other prayer dear to your heart. The heartfelt vibrations generated will be therapeutic not only to the growing plant/tree, but also to the surrounding environment.

If you too want to plant trees in your backyard or grow house plants and if you are not sure where to start, you may please use the guidance from the the following links:

If you are willing to participate in the Sai Tree Planting Service project, we request you to sign-up using the form below.

We will also send a detailed write up describing the steps for planting a tree/plant. Once you are ready with your Trees/Plants, you can follow the instructions and complete your Tree Planting Service project. You may also choose to plant more than one tree or plant.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help / guidance.

If you are from Region 9, please click here to Sign-up.